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Solve Common Audio Issues (Pitch Correction, Noise, Clipping, Clicks and more)


Tubes, Transformers.
Get Analogue Flavour into your mix

Unlimited Revisions

Until you are satisfied with the  result.


Sound can come from above or below, Multidimensional audio field.

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Mixing & Mastering


Mixing & Mastering


Mastering ONLY

Free Mastering Sample

Frequently asked questions

  1. Separate Wav or Aiff files for each audio channel(stem), NOT MP3 Files
  2. Rough Mix for us to understand the style you’re going for.
  3. Reference Tracks (Title and Artists)
  • Before exporting the audio files, Please make sure there’s No processing(EQ, Compressor Plugins), No clipping(any higher than -1dBfs)
  • All exported audio files need to begin at the same time, from the beginning of your song.

Please see my guide on how to prepare for Mixing & Mastering.

Next, send me your mix file and in 2~3 days you will receive your free, no obligation, mastered sample.

Only Paypal is accepted.

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